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There is No Away

Posted in DefaultTag by starrkinguu on March 17th, 2019

In these difficult times, what does it mean to dispose of people? What would it take to build a culture of healthy indispensability? It turns out that even if we dismiss someone or something from our presence, it remains part of the interconnected web of all existence. We will examine together the blessings and complicated nature of our interdependence.

Preceding the sermon is a bonus music track by Activist Songwriters Emma's Revolution.  The song is entitled Swimming to the Other Side and is used with their permission.


Celebrating Our Beloved Community

Posted in DefaultTag by starrkinguu on March 4th, 2019

Join us for an uplifting service celebrating our Beloved Community and honoring our volunteers.

Even Black Holes Emit Heat

Posted in DefaultTag by starrkinguu on February 17th, 2019

Does it feel like we’ve been living in a black hole that sucks compassion and love out of our universe lately? Well, yes! But physics has good news for you! Join us as we explore what astronomy can teach us about finding hope in dire times.

Seasons of Light

Posted in DefaultTag by starrkinguu on December 19th, 2017

The Rev. Jacqueline Duhart, Senior Minister at the Oakland UU Church, joins Rev. Maria Cristina in the pulpit for a celebration of light. As we enter into the dark of winter, and amidst the holiday bustle, we pause to reflect on light as a universal symbol of hope and faith. Join us as we light both the chalice and the menorah to remind us of the miracle of community and unconditional love.

The Spirit of Mutual Love

Posted in DefaultTag by starrkinguu on August 21st, 2013

Led by Rev. Katie Kandarian-Morris

How are we formed as Unitarian Universalist organizations? Rather than out of belief, we come together in covenant. Let us gather together once again, and renew our covenant with each other, as we have done since the Pilgrims day.